Training Services

Operation of Technically Advanced Avionics

You learned to fly with VOR, Localizer, and yes, the ADF. Now the aircraft are equipped with modern marvels of avionics called navigators and or Flight Management Systems. Aircraft are also equipped with Flight Control Systems that are much more advanced than the earlier generations. Pat’s many years of experience with avionics systems combined with his pilot experience operating them will give you the opportunity to gain insights into your new equipment operation.

The training will be tailored to your needs, whether it is simple, “how do I turn it on and go direct” to setting up for a fully coupled WAAS based GPS LPV approach procedure.

Initial and Recurrent Training

Pat has continuously flown Cessna 210 aircraft since 1976 when he was employed by Cessna Aircraft Co. These years of experience make him uniquely qualified to provide you with high quality initial and recurrent training in you Cessna 210.

Pat’s knowledge of technically advanced avionics and all of the earlier avionic systems will help you to gain insights to the safe operation of your aircraft in whatever conditions you encounter.

Other Aircraft Services

Pat also offers other pilot and instructor services: Dual flight instruction for new ratings, Flight Reviews, Instrument Competency Checks, new aircraft checkouts, non-flying spouse flight training, and aircraft pilot service. The aircraft in which Pat is qualified include:

  • Cessna 100 and 200 series (includes O & N Silver Eagle)
  • Cessna 300 and 400 series twins
  • Beech 33, 35 and 36 series
  • Beech 55, 56 and 60 series
  • Piper PA 28 and 32 series
  • Piper Aztec
  • Piper Twin Comanche
  • Cirrus SR 20 and SR 22

Flight Instruction Billing

Flight Training Services are billed at $75/hour, $600/day, plus expenses if travel is required.