I have had many instructors over the years for training, Bi-annuals, and Instrument Proficiency Checks. Most were just interested in building time, some were late for appointments or lacked a personality not making any time with them enjoyable. I found Pat to be quite different. Flying with him is like flying with your best flying buddy. No pressure. While doing his required duties to make sure I'm competent to fly my Cirrus SR22, he is always adding little gems of information gleaned from his years of experience. If you haven't flown with Pat yet, I would highly recommend that you give him a try.

Walt Gontowski Jr. - Prescott, AZ, Cirrus SR22

I moved to Arizona in 2004 and while I have lots of ratings and had owned a 210 and T210 for more than 30 years I needed an instructor to transition to the P210 I purchased. Pat turned out to have the experience and temperament to make the transition easy and a valuable learning experience. I have continued to fly with him for an IPC a couple of times a year and my BFR. He is a knowledgeable and patient instructor and his experience as a professional engineer in avionics design for a couple of the major players allows him to add value in understanding the operation and interaction of the electronics. I recommend him highly.

Bob Mittelstaedt - Scottsdale, AZ, P210 Silver Eagle

I have known and flown with Pat since 1986 in my Cessna T210N. Pat has shown himself to be a skilled and safe professional pilot and flight instructor. I value Pat’s aeronautical judgment and knowledge.

Kelly Clark - Phoenix, AZ, Cessna T210N

As a high-time pilot myself, there is no way to express greater confidence in an instructor's ability than to let him be the person to solo your 16-year-old son. That was a lot of years ago, but then and now, no one knows the Cessna family of high wing singles and twins better than Pat, including all their systems and avionics. And now, with his extensive background in the Cirrus aircraft, he's fully prepared for the 'glass panel - glass aircraft' generation. A truly safe, conscientious, professional pilot and instructor.

Don Crist - Phoenix and Port Townsend WA