About Scott Air

Pat Scott holds both ATP and CFI pilot certificates for instruments/single and multi-engine airplanes. Pat has logged over 12000 hours in the 49 years of his flying career. He recently retired from a major avionics manufacturer after 34 years of work in general aviation, business jet and airline class avionics engineering. Pat holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and  is currently a FAA Designated Engineering Representative for Systems and Equipment.

Pat Scott has experience in numerous general aviation aircraft, including the Cessna high performance single engine aircraft, including the popular 210 series.  Additionally, Pat is qualified in the Cessna 300 and 400 series twin engine aircraft and the Beech Baron and Duke series. Pat also owns a Cessna Cardinal 177RG which is equipped as a Technically Advanced Aircraft.  Pat is also experienced in the Beech Bonanza line of aircraft and the Cirrus SR 22.

Pat has offers pilot service and aircraft management service, and is currently operating a Cessna 425 aircraft.

Pat Scott provided flight instruction for the AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s Flight Training Clinics from 1986 through 1995, when the program came to an end. Subsequently, Pat has taught in the Cessna Pilots Association’s Cessna 210 recurrency programs at Santa Maria, California.