New model and recurrent flight training in the Phoenix area.

Need to update your flight skills? Purchased a new plane and don’t know how all the electronic and avionics systems work? ScottAir Flight Training can help you learn the skills you need.

ScottAir offers flight instruction tailored to your specific requirements. Founder Pat Scott trains you on exactly what you need…from simple operation to fully coupled WAAS based GPS LPV approach procedures.

Pat Scott holds both ATP and CFI pilot certificates for instruments/single and multi-engine airplanes. Pat has logged over 12,000 hours in the 49 years of his flying career. He recently retired from a major avionics manufacturer after 34 years of work in general aviation, business jet and airline class avionics engineering. Pat holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and is currently a FAA Designated Engineering Representative for Systems and Equipment.

NOTE: ScottAir does not offer initial flight training, but specializes in new model introduction and recurrent training.